01 Vape Tabacco Premium - Vape Shot 20ml
01 Vape

01Vape Tabacco Premium - Vape Shot 20ml

- Also included a FULL VG neutral base to be poured into the bottle to get 60ml of amazing e-liquid ready to vape! Yeah!!
  • Food aroma concentrated.
  • Hydrosoluble food aroma.
  • Food aroma compatible for the preparation of desserts and dishes.
  • Food aroma compatible with vaporization to perfume rooms.
  • Food aroma compatible for inhalation with electronic cigarettes if mixed with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.
  • Food aroma not containing tobacco.
  • Food aroma not containing nicotine.
  • Food aroma not containing diacetyl.
  • 20ml of concentrated food aroma in 60ml bottle.
  • Food aroma Made in Italy.

Fluid 21 presents 01Vape Tabacco Premium. An E-Liquid Vape Shot for Electronic Cigarettes with the taste of a splendid blend of the finest tobaccos.

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